Special Testing Accommodations

Special Testing Accommodations may be provided for examinees with disabilities. If you would like to request special testing accommodations, please read the following details.

How to apply for Special Testing Accommodations

  1. Please email ptjc@ualberta.ca as soon as possible in order to receive the "Request Form for Special Testing Accommodations".
  2. Fill in the required information in the "Request Form for Special Testing Accommodations". Please also provide a copy of your disability certificate or a medical certificate issued by a doctor (a copy is acceptable).
  3. Please submit the application form and the required documents to PTJC by April, 5 2024.

*We cannot guarantee applications for special testing accommodations if they are made after the application deadline.

Process leading to acceptance of special testing accommodations

  1. The Japan Foundation, which organizes the test, in consultation with the Committee for Special Testing Accommodations will decide what special testing accommodations should be put in place based on the contents of Request Form.
  2. If the information provided on the request form is not sufficient, the Japan Foundation may contact the applicant or their representative through the host institution to request further information.
  3. The applicant or their representative will be notified of the final decision regarding the special testing accommodations by the beginning of November.
  4. All communication between applicant or their representative and the Japan Foundation will be conducted through the host institution.

Details of the special testing accommodations

  • Specially formatted questions (Braille questions, large font questions)
  • Special answer methods (Braille, large print answer sheet)
  • Extended test times
  • Testing in a separate room
  • Use of assistive devices (magnifiers, hearing aids, headphones, etc.)