Basics for Students

University of Alberta campuses are safe places to work and learn and we all have a responsibility when it comes to safety. Please take a few moments to become familiar with this basic safety information.

Call 911 for Police/Fire/Medical Emergency

When you hang up from the 911 call, call Protective Services at 780-492-5050.

If the building alarm sounds

Building alarms mean you must evacuate the building. On exit, proceed to the nearest Muster Point.

Emergency notification

In an emergency we'll send you messages using several methods:

  • Twitter (follow UAlberta)
  • The U of A App (info here)
  • Alertus beacon (in many buildings)

Go to the Home Page in an emergency

The place to go for the latest information in any emergency is always the university's home page:

If you sense something isn't right

If your instinct tells you someone is behaving suspiciously and may be contemplating a crime, call Protective Services. They'll check it out. 780-492-5050 (780-608-2905 at Augustana)

Report a serious incident

The law says that serious incidents must be reported immediately. Get the details here.

Your psychological health matters

Counselling can improve your personal, social and academic well-being. Learn more at Counselling and Clinical Services.

Have you watched the active shooter response video yet?

It's an unthinkable thing but what would you do in an active shooter situation? We'll show you.

Email us in Risk Management Services if you have questions: