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Money Talks: Financial Literacy

Money Talks Workshops

We understand that being a student can be one of the most financially confusing times in your life, so we want to empower and educate you on how to succeed financially throughout your time at the U of A. Money Talks provides you with information and workshops meant to help you take charge on your financial journey. 

From everyday money saving tips to choosing the right credit card, being educated on financial situations you may encounter during your academic career is key to having a financially rewarding future. The ability to make informed and educated financial decisions is essential to ensuring financial success throughout your education and beyond. Get on the right track with information and support in a number of key financial areas.

Workshops & Events

Paying for your education can feel stressful and confusing, but our Money Talks workshops are available for students seeking tips and tricks for a successful financial future.

Decision Making & Spending

Life is about balance, and knowing when it’s appropriate to treat yourself and when it would be better to save is important.

Budgeting & Planning

How many times have you tried to set yourself a budget but failed to stick to it? Having a clear plan for your future is key to creating a budget that will set you up for financial success.

Managing Credit & Debt

Managing credit is an important part of your financial future, but it comes with responsibility.

Life after Graduation

Congratulations — you graduated! Before your student loans come knocking, it is important to plan ahead for your new financial future.