Rehabilitation Robotics

Welcome to the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab (RRL), dedicated to improving quality of life through advanced robotics and technology. Our research spans wheelchair biomechanics, spinal structure assessment, assistive robotics, telerehabilitation, and virtual reality in rehabilitation medicine. We emphasize the use of simulation and extended reality (XR) technologies to study human biomechanics.

In partnership with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and the SMART Network, RRL boasts state-of-the-art equipment including motion capture systems, immersive VR, and a six-degrees-of-freedom robotic platform for back pain research. The lab serves as a collaborative hub for researchers and trainees from various disciplines.

Adhering to values of fairness, trust, exploration, excellence, and collaboration, we strive to create inclusive and accessible rehabilitation solutions. Our trainees, from undergraduates to post-docs, engage in innovative projects, developing skills to pioneer the future of rehabilitation with a focus on virtual care and transformative approaches.