Rehabilitation Robotics

The Rehabilitation Robotics Lab (RRL) is an inter-disciplinary research group focused on improving quality of life through robotics and technology. Our research focuses on wheelchair biomechanics, new technologies to assess spinal structure and function, assistive robotics, telerehabilitation, and virtual reality in rehabilitation medicine.



The focus of the RRL has always been to provide a "sandbox" environment for research and development related to the biomechanics of human functioning through simulation and the implementation of extended reality (XR) technologies.

Through collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and SMART Network, the RRL was able to secure funding to equip the lab with advanced motion capture, immersive VR systems, and a six-degrees-of-freedom robotic platform to study back pain. Beyond the physical space and equipment, the lab has evolved into a collaborative hub of trainees and researchers from across campus.

Our trainees (undergraduates, masters students, PhDs, and post-docs) undertake projects and learn the skills to become creative innovators and change the future of rehabilitation.