Spring and Summer Housing




Applications now open!


Spring & summer housing

To apply for spring & summer housing, you must be an active UAlberta student.

If you have any questions, contact us at housing@ualberta.ca.

Your building options

We offer four community options for Spring & Summer students: Aspen and Maple House, International House, Pinecrest and Tamarack House, and Schäffer Hall (Lister Residence).

Your contract includes heat, water, power and wireless internet.

Aspen & Maple House

Aspen and Maple House residents have created a friendly, neighbourhood feel in their community. They enjoy stepping out of their doors into an active community as much as stepping back inside to relax in their own space.

  • Furnished 2 or 4 bedroom units rented by the room
Pinecrest and Tamarack House

Students living in Pinecrest and Tamarack House live in a modern residence and are excited to make the buildings feel like home. They are connected to first-rate resources, including lounge and study spaces, and are within walking distance to the vibrant 109th Street area.

  • Furnished 2 or 4 bedroom units rented by the room
International House

I-House is composed of residents from around the world and from right here in Canada who are excited to live in this purpose-built community. Students living in I-House love to celebrate community by sharing food, experiences, and stories about themselves and their culture.

  • Single rooms with private washrooms, each furnished with a single bed, dresser, bookshelf, desk, chair, and mini-refrigerator
Schäffer Hall

Schäffer residents are immersed in a community atmosphere sharing their day-to-day lives. These residents learn to write papers, watch movies in floor lounges and grab meals together - all right in their residence home.

  • Furnished (bed, desk, chair, dresser) single dormitory units with private washrooms
  • Meal plan included: three meals per day

The University of Alberta will be undergoing repairs and renovations in Schäffer Hall in the summer of 2021. Safe construction practices and City of Edmonton bylaws will be followed for the duration of the renovation, and every effort will be made to retain access for students using any spaces that may be affected.

Students in proximity of renovation sites should be aware that there is potential for disturbances such as: noise, dust, and/or a temporary interruption of services. Please be advised that there will be no compensation or reduction to your residence fees during the renovation or in the rare event of disruption to services.

More information

  • As there is no air conditioning, we recommend that you bring a fan
  • Smoking of any substance is NOT permitted in any of our residences. Anyone caught smoking may be subject to immediate eviction.
  • Parking arrangements can be made through the Parking Services' website
  • You will need to bring your own blankets, pillows, sheets and towels, etc. as no linen or room service is provided. Bed size for Pinecrest & Tamarack House is double, beds in all other residences are twin. Laundry facilities are available in all residences.