Applications now open!


Spring & summer housing

To apply for spring & summer housing, you must be an active UAlberta student.

If you have any questions, contact us at housing@ualberta.ca.

Your building options

We offer four community options for Spring & Summer students: Aspen and Maple House, International House and Pinecrest and Tamarack House.

Your contract includes heat, water, power and wireless internet.

Aspen & Maple House

Aspen and Maple House residents have created a friendly, neighbourhood feel in their community. They enjoy stepping out of their doors into an active community as much as stepping back inside to relax in their own space.

  • Furnished 2 or 4 bedroom units rented by the room
Pinecrest and Tamarack House

Students living in Pinecrest and Tamarack House live in a modern residence and are excited to make the buildings feel like home. They are connected to first-rate resources, including lounge and study spaces, and are within walking distance to the vibrant 109th Street area.

  • Furnished 2 or 4 bedroom units rented by the room
International House

I-House is composed of residents from around the world and from right here in Canada who are excited to live in this purpose-built community. Students living in I-House love to celebrate community by sharing food, experiences, and stories about themselves and their culture.

  • Single rooms with private washrooms, each furnished with a single bed, dresser, bookshelf, desk, chair, and mini-refrigerator


FAQ for current HUB, PLH and Nîpisîy House residents

What residence options are available May 1 for Spring and Summer?
Pinecrest & Tamarack House and Aspen & Maple House have similar apartment styles, with comparable rent for Spring and Summer. International House offers more traditional dormitory-style options.
Do I have to move out of HUB, PLH or Nîpisîy House?

Nîpisîy House and PLH are not open during Spring and Summer terms.

HUB will be partially closed in Spring and Summer terms due to maintenance and deep cleaning projects, with continued occupancy for students in studios, 1-bedroom units and shared unfurnished units.

What is the latest date I have to move out of HUB, PLH or Nîpisîy House?
Transfers will be scheduled for the weekend of May 1, but reach out to us if you need an alternate date.
Can I keep my roommate(s)?
YES. Roommate requests are accepted and prioritized. Ensure all roommates request each other and complete a residence application for the same residence and unit type.
Will my rates increase?

Pinecrest & Tamarack House and Aspen & Maple House offer reduced rates for Spring and Summer terms. Please see all Spring and Summer rates here.

Residents on month-to-month contracts in HUB will continue to pay their usual rate while those applying to remain in shared unfurnished units will be able to pay Spring & Summer term rates.

Can I transfer to a different unit in HUB?
Please contact housing@ualberta.ca so Residence Services can work with you directly.
How can I move all my belongings?
You are able to invite one person to help you move. Residence Services can lend out boxes if needed, but need them returned after use.
Do I have to clean my room when I leave and will I get my residence deposit back?
YES. Remove all of your possessions from your unit and ensure your room and common areas are clean before you return your keys. Your residence deposit was applied toward your residence fees for your first month in residence.
What are the COVID protocols likely to be over the summer?
COVID protocols continue to be in place, following provincial and university health measures. Please visit the Living in Residence During COVID-19 webpages to learn more.
If a student requests to remain isolated with no roommates for a health concern, would that be allowed?

We strive to accommodate special needs and concerns to the best of our ability. If you have a condition that affects mobility, vision, hearing, learning or physical or mental health, please contact Accessibility Resources. They will provide us with a recommendation so we can best assist you. There are also single rooms with private washrooms available in International House or Schäffer Hall or studio apartments in Aspen & Maple House.

For any other special requirements, please contact us at housing@ualberta.ca before you submit an application.

If I leave for Spring & Summer but return for Fall 2021, can I leave my things in my apartment?
No. All items must be removed from your suite if you are not living there.
Can I return to HUB or Nîpisîy House in Fall 2021?
YES. All units will be available Fall 2021. You are also welcome to remain in your Spring & Summer term residence at the published rate. If you have not yet applied, applications are now available through your residence account.
Will unfurnished units in HUB be available for Fall/Winter?
YES. All unit types in HUB will be available for Fall 2021 at their published rates. If you have not yet applied, applications are now available through your residence account.
Can I stay in my Spring & Summer residence for Fall 2021?
YES. All units will be available Fall 2021 at the published rate. If you have not yet applied, applications are now available through your residence account.


More information

  • As there is no air conditioning, we recommend that you bring a fan
  • Smoking of any substance is NOT permitted in any of our residences. Anyone caught smoking may be subject to immediate eviction.
  • Parking arrangements can be made through the Parking Services' website
  • You will need to bring your own blankets, pillows, sheets and towels, etc. as no linen or room service is provided. Bed size for Pinecrest & Tamarack House is double, beds in all other residences are twin. Laundry facilities are available in all residences.