School of Library and Information Studies


At SLIS, we place a high value on research performed by our faculty and students. Our research interests are highly diverse and continually evolving in order to keep up with new developments in the field. Current research interests include: intellectual freedom and human rights; global information ethics and global information justice; broadband policy; intellectual property rights; user-generated content; radio spectrum management; information society theories and discourse; information and communication technologies and the information behaviour of their users, and information-centric communities.

Current faculty research projects include: Dr. Ali Shiri and Dr. Dinesh Rathi’s SSHRC-funded Digital Library North project, which aims to develop a digital library infrastructure in Canada’s North; Dr. Margaret Mackey’s SSHRC Insight Grant-winning project on how children’s developing literacy is affected by the landscapes in which they find themselves; and Dr. Michael McNally and Dr. Dinesh Rathi’s SSHRC Insight Grant-winning project on increasing broadband penetration rates in rural and remote communities.

Recent student research includes: Maryna Chernyavska’s SSHRC-winning project exploring Canadian folklore archives as a special type of cultural heritage institution; Gianmarco Visconti’s 2015 CLA Student Article Award-winning paper entitled “Queer Muslim Users: Intersectional Spaces in Libraries”, which examines how libraries can create safe, accessible spaces for an oft-marginalized group; and recent graduate Lydia Zvyagintseva’s thesis, which was entitled “Articulating a vision for community-engaged data curation in the digital humanities”.