Degree Planning

SCI 299: Science Citizenship

Imagine a course in which you choose a problem, you choose how you want to solve it, you write a proposal to get funds and you present your problem and your solution to the class.

And you get University credit for it.

That course is Science Citizenship—SCI 299. In this course, you will learn the skills that will be required of you, whether you are headed for a career in science, the health profession or any other career. There are no exams and no labs in this course. You will work with a team on a project in which you research the science behind some global issue that you choose, implement a local solution to that problem using funds you secure through writing a proposal, and present your problem and your solution.

Although working in a team, you are assessed individually on your contribution to the problem you've chosen. In this way, you will learn problem solving, teamwork, and presentation skills. You will also hone your creative skills and experience personally a problem in the local community. 

From the University Calendar: Supervised participation in a student-initiated community service learning and citizenship project. In this course, students will work in interdisciplinary groups to research and present the science underlying a global issue, as well as implement a local solution to that global issue. The course will also include a discussion of the possible career paths, ethics, culture and values of scientists. Normally taken after completion of a minimum of 30 units of course weight in a program in the Faculty of Science. Prerequisite: GPA of 2.5 or higher and at least five science courses. Course is limited to students in the Faculty of Science.