Bachelor of Arts - Honors Sociology

Honors is about academic excellence and personal growth, both of which we hope you will experience as an honors student. The opportunity to develop research expertise in an area of interest to you under the mentorship of a professor will be useful for those thinking of pursuing graduate studies or other professional pathways.

The Honors program is unique in three important ways:

  1. It recognizes students who are doing well academically in their Sociology courses (higher admission standard) and requires that students maintain a higher level of academic performance.
  2. It provides an opportunity for even greater specialization in Sociology (min ★42 max ★54) versus the regular BA program (min ★30 max ★48).
  3. In their final year, Honors students complete ★6 through registration in SOC 407 and SOC 408 where they have the opportunity for independent research and the writing of an original honors essay under the guidance of a Faculty member.

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Admission Requirements:

High School Students:

Can apply for direct entry into the Faculty of Arts BA Honors Program (Honors Foundation Year).

Post-secondary Transfer Students:

  • Minimum of *24 units of transferable course weight required
  • Minimum Admission Grade Point Average (AGPA) of 3.3
  • Average of 3.3 or higher in all Sociology courses taken
  • No grade less than B- in any Sociology course taken
  • SOC 100 must be completed 

    Transfer students can apply in any year of study, however, applying earlier (after your 1st or 2nd year) is recommended.

Application Deadline:

Students must apply online by March 1st for September admission. 

Requirements in the Major Subject:

Honors in Sociology requires successful completion of a minimum of ★42 at the senior level for the concentration as follows:

  • SOC 100 - Introductory Sociology
  • SOC 210 - Introduction to Social Statistics
  • SOC 212 - Classical Social Theory
  • SOC 315 - Introduction to Social Methodology
  • SOC 335 - Themes in Contemporary Social Theory
  • SOC 407 - Honors Essay I
  • SOC 408 - Honors Essay II
  • ★3 in Sociology at any senior level
  • ★9 at the 300- or 400-level
  • ★6 at the 400-level

two of:

  • SOC 241 - Social Psychology
  • SOC 251 - Population and Society
  • SOC 260 - Inequality and Social Stratification
  • SOC 269 - Introductory Sociology of Globalization
Note: R SOC 355 and R SOC 450 have been approved for cross-listing as applicable to a major or minor in Sociology (see Cross-Listed Courses).

Additional Information:

Department Contact Information

Pamela Minty
Sociology Undergraduate Advisor
5-27 HM Tory Building

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