Why SJC?

In Catholic teaching, each person possesses an inviolable dignity and an innate goodness that reflect their being created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26-27). In keeping with this, SJC sees each as a unique individual with unique gifts as well as needs. Located in the centre of the main University of Alberta campus, the College offers all the benefits of a small college experience such as small class numbers and the chance to easily get to know classmates. All College courses are 3-credit U of A Faculty of Arts electives and are open to students of all faiths. In addition, SJC has an extensive library staffed by a professional librarian. The College also operates men's and women's residences, providing students who wish to live on campus a supportive and inclusive place to call home. Finally, our Campus Ministry, chapel services and mental health services are accessible to all students.