Why SJC?

In Catholic teaching, each person possesses an inviolable dignity and an innate goodness that reflects their being created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26-27). In keeping with this, SJC sees each as a unique individual with unique gifts as well as needs. Located in the centre of the main University of Alberta campus, SJC offers all the benefits of a small college experience, such as small class numbers, combined with all the advantages of being associated with one of the top universities in Canada. We support students in their development as whole people by offering university credit courses that explore the unity of faith and reason. Additionally, we provide a safe, inclusive community through our residences and worshiping community.

At St. Joseph’s College, students are empowered to ask big questions, build lifelong relationships, and develop a faith that is authentic and personal. They go out into the world equipped with the tools and vision to contribute to the common good.


St Joseph’s College offers courses from across the Liberal Arts. Remarkable professors invite students to ask big questions in dialogue with extraordinary thinkers and texts. All SJC courses count as UAlberta Arts options for a UofA degree. All are welcome.


SJC offers a variety of courses in Applied Ethics, Philosophy, Religious Education and Theology at the undergraduate level.

Religious Education for Teachers

SJC also offers specific courses in Religious Education for Faculty of Education students who intend to teach in Alberta Catholic Schools. 

Certificate in Catholic Education

The Certificate in Catholic Education program trains prospective and current educators to work in Alberta’s Catholic education system. This program is considered a “hiring asset” for most of Alberta’s Catholic School Districts and increases your ability to get hired in those Districts. 

B.A. Minor in Christian Theology

The Christian Theology Minor is an interdisciplinary program offered by the Faculty of Arts via courses taken at St. Joseph’s College and St. Stephen’s College. 

Student Awards

SJC offers many student awards and bursaries to help our students thrive. 


SJC has a library with extensive holdings in biblical and theological studies. 


Located in the center of the University of Alberta, SJC has both a women's residence and a men's residence for any UofA student. We also offer summer accommodation, perfect for year-round UofA students, training programs, summer camps, and conferences.

Men's Residence

A unique, close-knit community for 63 male students, SJC’s men’s residence offers newly renovated private and fully furnished bedrooms, and a full meal plan. 

Women's Residence

Membership in the Kateri Islanders, a unique community made up of 284 female students, SJC’s women’s residence offers 1, 2 & 4 fully furnished bedroom suites with a kitchen & bathroom(s). 

Summer Accommodation

We are able to host up to 100 people per group and customize the ideal package for you. 


At St Joseph’s College, we provide an accepting and tight-knit community in the centre of a large university. There are many opportunities for students to find support and get involved, such as participation in campus intramurals, student-led interest groups, social events, mentorship programs, access to campus ministers and chaplaincy services, and weekly student masses.

Worshipping Community

The SJC Worshipping Community gathers for both weekday and weekend Masses. We also offer students the opportunity to lead their own worshipping service throughout the academic year through our student mass. 

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry seeks to develop young adult leaders in their vocations, relationships, and personal journeys. It provides faith-based services, guidance, and counselling to assist in a student’s personal, spiritual, and moral development through service, leadership, small group and worship opportunities.


Groups provide opportunities to meet with others and discuss the important questions in life. Joining a group at SJC is a great way to meet new friends and learn more about yourself or God or some aspect of the life of faith or the life of the mind. 


SJC Provides a tight-knit alumni community through our alumni events and gatherings. 

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