Campus Ministry




What is Campus Ministry?

The purpose of Campus Ministry is to help form students into disciples to go out into the world embodying the mission of Christ. Our Campus Ministers hope to be the face of Christ, demonstrating through love, the mission of Christ in a broken world. 

Campus Ministry seeks to develop young adult leaders in their vocations, relationships, and personal journeys. It provides faith-based services, guidance, and counselling to assist in a student’s personal, spiritual, and moral development through service, leadership, small group and worship opportunities.  It fosters community by facilitating worship services, organizing group activities or community service, spiritual experience, and social events.

What Does Campus Ministry Do?

Campus Ministry meets with students and builds relationships with them as a primary means of supporting them in their journey of faith.

Campus Ministry also does this through a variety of initiatives such as:

How Can I Get Involved ?

Campus ministry works hand in hand with the Catholic Students Association. The best way to be in the loop of what is going on and how to be involved is to be added to their weekly newsletter. You can request that here: 

We would also love to meet with you! We love to meet with students to get to know you and to also help to discover the ways you could become more involved with our community at SJC. Please contact us here at 
SJC's Campus Ministry Team


Theresa Robinson
Office 1-06 C SJC


Dr. Mona-Lee Feehan
Office1-06A SJC


Sr. Elizabeth Poilievre, fcJ
Office 1-06B SJC