Catholic Students' Association

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St. Joseph's College partners with the Catholic Students' Association to provide students with opportunities to connect in small groups, retreat settings, lectures and social gatherings all focused on the tenets of the Catholic faith. The CSA is open to all U of A students, regardless of religious background.

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CSA Executive Committee


Andres Merino Restrepo

Vice President

Maria Thiel

Vice President of Finance

Robert Joseph

Vice President of Administration

Mackenzie Neufeld

Vice President of Communications

Maria Nelson


Spiritual Coordinator

Jan Prus-Czarnecki and Cohen Lussier

Social Justice Coordinators

Laura Munevar Ortiz

Formation/Vocation Coordinators

Oscar Baron-Ruiz and Bertina Jeyakumar

Ecumenical Coordinator

Karl Keyrouz and Russell Fernandez

Outreach Coordinator

Tori Wang

Music Coordinator

Craig Lobo