Media Contacts

The faculty at SJC are available to comment for the international, national, and local media on a wide range of matters related to their areas of scholarly expertise. The following list presents information about the topics on which faculty members are available to serve as experts.

Dr. Indre Cuplinskas
Catholic Church history
History of Christianity in Canada
Christianity and culture
20th-century Catholicism
Catholic youth movements
Vatican II
Paul Flaman, PhD

Dr. Paul Flaman
Moral Theology
Spiritual Theology
Theology of Human Sexuality
Marriage and the Family
Theology of the Person

Dr. Shawn W. Flynn
Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
Ancient Near East
Ancient children

Dr. Matthew Hoven
Religious Education
Catholic Education
Religion and Sports;
especially educational concerns

Dr. Doris Kieser
Sexuality ethics
Feminist ethics & theology
Moral theology
Teaching sexuality & theology
Theological anthropology
The sexual body
Death and Dying

Dr. Matthew Kostelecky
Medieval Philosophy
History of Metaphysics
Philosophy of Religion
Dr. Nathan Kowalsky
Environmental philosophy and ethics
Philosophy of religion
Philosophy of culture
Philosophy of technology
Dr. Denis O. Lamoureux
Science and Religion
Evolution and Creationism

Dr. Lorne Zelyck
Canonical and apocryphal gospels
New Testament
Early Christianity
Early church fathers