Mission and Vision

Our Mission

As the Catholic college affiliated with the University of Alberta, St. Joseph's College is committed to engaging with and promoting the Church's traditional openness to exploring the unity of Faith and Reason. We do so, convinced that it is through bringing faith to bear on the results of rational investigation of reality, and seeking to understand the core principles of faith through the application of rational discourse, that each person will be enabled to achieve his or her full potential as one created in the image and likeness of God.

Through our academic program, which is supported and enhanced by a flourishing worshipping community and by residence programs for female and male students that focus on their holistic development, we provide opportunities for all constituents of the College, including those who are not of the Catholic faith, to gain an ever-deeper understanding of and appreciation for the nature of Creation, as well as to commit to its preservation.

As an inclusive community open to all and grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we strive to contribute to the building of a world in which the common good of all is of paramount importance.

Our Vision

St. Joseph's College will continue to develop its identity as the Catholic college in the heart of the University of Alberta, ensuring that the treasure that is the Catholic Intellectual Tradition continues to be promoted in higher education in Alberta and in Canada.

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