1. Static Elements

  • the U of A logo and black rule appear in the same position on all letterhead

2. Administrative Unit Name

You may include up to three administrative unit names above the black rule. There are four basic formats for layout:

  • Administrative Unit
  • Administrative Unit + Larger Unit
  • Administrative Unit + Smaller Administrative Unit
  • Administrative Unit + Larger Administrative Unit + Even larger Administrative Unit

Names of individuals are not permitted above the black rule.

3. Address

  • street address or room number and building name set on line 1 below black rule
  • city, province, country and postal code set on line 2 below the black rule
  • proper street addresses separated with 'space + en-dash + space', (e.g., 406, 4216 - 64 Ave), suite numbers precede address and are followed by a comma
  • 'St' (not St. or Street) and 'Ave' (not Ave. or Avenue)
  • 'Edmonton, Alberta' or 'Edmonton AB'
  • 'Canada' + two spaces before postal code
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and postal code on one line is the standard set up, but Canada and postal code may be dropped to a second line, if
  • preferred (in this case, remove the comma after Alberta)
Email and Web Sites
  • inclusion is optional
  • 'e-mail' or similar terminology is not used, the @ symbol adequately signifies an e-mail address
  • the name of an individual may appear as the e-mail contact if they are responsible for processing all departmental e-mail
  • 'web', 'http://' and 'web site' are not used, 'www' adequately signifies a web site address

4. Optional List

Larger administrative units may include subunit departments and generic contact information. Names of individuals, staff listings, mention of areas that are not part of the university are normally not allowed. Slogans, service descriptions, taglines are not permitted as part of a listing.

5. Secondary Logos

Some areas have a secondary logo which can be included on letterhead, if placed at the bottom right hand portion of the letterhead, according to sizing and placement restrictions. This fosters equitable treatment of the various university sub-brands, promotes maximum consistency and ensures that the university logo is not overwhelmed by secondary graphics.

Secondary logos of organizations that are not under the domain of the University of Alberta are normally not permitted on official stationery.

A maximum of two secondary logos may be placed in the bottom right corner. The first logo placement should align right to the right hand margin and align bottom to the bottom margin. If a second logo is required, it may be placed to the left or above this starting position.

The maximum area allowed per secondary logo = 0.66 inches2.

Default Layout

With Optional List

Margins, Default

Margins, With Optional List