Alekszandra Rokvity

Creating Space for Endometriosis in Social and Medical Discourse: How Menstrual Activism Made an Invisible Illness Visible

Alekszandra Rokvity, University of Graz



Alekszandra Rokvity is a PhD candidate at the University of Graz in the field of Cultural Studies. Her doctoral dissertation deals with endometriosis and the social discourse surrounding menstruation. Her areas of interest are Medical Humanities, Gender Studies, and Cultural Theory. Alekszandra is a former English teacher who went on to focus on postmodern philosophy during her masters and become the student lecturer of American Literature at her home university. Upon the completion of her MA in British and American Studies, she went on to be a doctoral fellow at the University of Alberta, where her focus shifted from postmodernism to the innovative field of medical humanities. When she’s not working on her doctoral project, Alekszandra writes fiction and publishes pop culture texts on various online platforms.