Ludmila Lambeinová

Immigration from Czechoslovakia to Canada after 1968 and Czechoslovak State Security

Ludmila Lambeinová, State Regional Archive, Litomerice



I graduated from Palacký University Olomouc in the Czech Republic and earned my Master’s Degree in Polish Philology and History. In 2019, I defended my Ph.D. thesis in linguistics at University of Warsaw entitled Characteristics of Polish-Czech Translation of Academic Papers Based on the Texts on the 20th Century History of Poland. In addition to my doctoral research, I have prepared and taught several academic courses – especially Czech for Foreigners and courses devoted to the history of Czech and Slovak Culture.

During my master studies I received a number of scholarships at universities in Poland (Cracow, Poznan, Warsaw). As a PhD candidate, I was granted the Intra-Visegrad Scholarship twice. I was a Research Fellow at the Wirth Institute of Austrian and Central-European Studies at the University of Alberta from September 2017 to August 2018.

I worked as historian at Hluboká Castle from November 2019 to March 2020, where I started to be fascinated by the history of the House of Schwarzenberg, which used to own the Hluboká Castle. Now I work as an archivist at the State Regional Archive in Litomerice. My research interests are translation, 20th century history of Poland and Czechoslovakia and the history of nobility.

In my non-academic life, I am an avid biker and enjoy mountain hiking.