Prospective Students

ATEP is a Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.Ed.) degree program within the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. The program works toward developing a greater understanding of Aboriginal culture and perspectives on teaching and learning, in all schools, but primarily in schools where Aboriginal children are learning.

We feel it is a privilege to walk alongside our students as they reach their dream of becoming a teacher. We are committed to fostering a sense of community as our students complete their Bachelor of Education degrees. Some of the features that make the Aboriginal Teacher Education program unique include:

  • The integration of Aboriginal histories, worldviews, and contemporary issues is a key part of the program. All of our cohorts will be working toward a Bachelor of Education degree, but our courses and programming honour Aboriginal perspectives and commit to holistically nurturing students’ minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits. Elders, traditional knowledge keepers, ceremonialists, and community leaders play a vital part in this process.
  • A cohort model that fosters a sense of family and belonging between students, staff, and faculty. Students can also choose between on-campus, distance, and off-campus cohorts to best support their learning needs. To learn more about the benefits of cohorts and our current offerings, please visit the Cohort Models page.
  • A robust support network that includes a team of kiskinwahamakewak (Academic Learning Facilitators), who are both certificated teachers. The kiskinwahamakewak are committed to supporting and encouraging students’ development as university students and future teachers. In addition to providing a range of orientation and ongoing professional development sessions, ATEP kiskinwahamakewak develop trusted relationships and maintain regular formal and informal contact with students and their instructors, encouraging ATEP students to succeed and seek assistance when necessary.
  • The opportunity to learn from professors and instructors who are leading scholars in Aboriginal teacher-education. Their approaches to teaching and relationships with students reflect traditional values. Other professors and instructors are committed to understanding the diverse experiences of ATEP students and supporting positive learning environments that model ATEP’s values.

The program has seen tremendous success, playing a vital and direct role in improving education for Aboriginal children in Alberta through culturally appropriate teacher education. The number of graduates continues to grow each year. As of 2020, over 95% of ATEP graduates are currently teaching, working in various leadership roles, or pursuing graduate studies.