Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about On Campus:

How many students are in the program?

On Campus has 11 students at any given time. Two places are reserved for students who require 1:1 support. Students who require 1:1 support are the only students who attend classes with their Personal Facilitator.

How does On Campus support students in classes?

Each student is assigned to a facilitator who works individually with the student regarding class selection and creating the students university schedule. The facilitator recruits volunteers in each class to provide support to the On Campus student and together as a team works together with the professor and the volunteers to ensure the students successful inclusion. Facilitators keep in frequent touch with the volunteers and instructors throughout the semester to make sure things are going well in class. Facilitators and students meet several times per week for Class Review. This is a time where students and facilitators meet to discuss class information and notes as well as provide assistance to complete modified class assignments.

Do students pick their own classes?

Classes are chosen based on the students interests and identified areas for growth and personal development. In the first two years students take a variety of courses and try some new things. In the third and fourth year, class selection is more focused and geared towards a possible career path.

How do students get to the university?

Students and families are responsible to arrange travel through private or public transportation methods e.g. ETS, LRT or DATS On Campus does not provide transportation for students but may assist with bus route information if required or provide information regarding booking DATS.

Do students attend regular university classes?

On Campus students attend regular university classes. University of Alberta classes come in a wide variety of subject areas across many faculties. Class size may range between 20 to 300 people per class. Our students experience classes in the same way as every other student by participating in class lectures, labs, group projects and assignments. All assignments and group work is modified to meet the capabilities of the individual student. We maintain high expectations for all the students in our program and challenge students to work to their full potential.

Do students receive a degree?

On Campus students do not typically receive a degree.

What do students do in the summer?

On Campus is a 12 month program. Classes run from September - December and from January - April. In the summer months, students are assisted to find meaningful employment and/or volunteer positions within the community. On Campus staff provide job support to students and their employers. We want our students to experience the same things as every other university student; most students work in the summer months to gain valuable work experience and earn some money. Sometimes we may opt for a volunteer placement where we know our student will gain invaluable experience which will aide with acquiring future paid employment.

What happens after graduation?

Some students may have the option to enter our sister program, Alumni Employment Supports (AES) while others may chose a different route.

Please see Alumni Employment Supports.

Are there similar programs in Edmonton?

Yes. Check the Helpful Links tab for more information.