Academic Programming

The International Summer/Winter Program consists of morning academic lectures combined with afternoon workshops, ending with a final group project to encourage deeper reflection on their experiences.

Academic Lectures

Academic lectures throughout the three weeks will be centred around a different theme each week. The themes target an undergraduate audience. Field trips supplement the in-class lectures to give participants opportunities for experiential learning.

Week 1 | Canadian Studies

Gain a deeper understanding of the past, present, and future of Canada through museum visits, lectures on the Canadian political system, and participating in an Indigenous history exercise.

Week 2 | Entrepreneurship

Problem-solving, flexibility, taking initiative, and innovation are some of the key skills that make for a successful entrepreneur and are also highly desirable skills for employment. Engage with our campus and local community's entrepreneurs, startups, and incubators to learn more about where these skills can take you.

Week 3 | Community Engagement

An important Canadian value is being involved in one's community. Community engagement is about people working collaboratively towards a common future, drawing strength from each other and from the diversity of their perspectives. Examine some of the issues related to volunteerism, running nonprofit organizations, and participate in some volunteering activities.


In addition to the weekly lectures, participants will also take part in two workshops during the course of the program.

Workshop A | The Expressive Voice and Body

This invigorating workshop will allow you to explore and develop your expressive voice. Using improvisational theatre techniques, you will learn skills and strategies that will allow you to present yourself and your ideas to maximum effectiveness in a variety of circumstances to various audiences. Previous drama experience is not required.

Workshop B | Topics in Global Leadership

Facilitated by Dr. Richard Field, a Professor of Strategic Management and Organization with the Alberta School of Business, this workshop emphasizes critical thinking, ethical awareness, and problem solving - all skills that can be applied in various disciplines.

Academic Credit Transfer Information

The academic program will consist of at least 40 contact hours. Participants are not awarded credit at the University of Alberta and will not receive an academic transcript. A certificate of participation will be presented to each participant, including a letter of participation confirming actual contact hours.

Credit transfer is up to the discretion of each participant's home institution.