Competitive Requirements

Competitive Admission

We encourage all students to apply early, as admission to the University of Alberta is competitive, works on a rolling basis and space in each program is limited.

The University of Alberta offers a range of programs, each with their own set of course requirements, class sizes and averages, which vary from year to year. Specific admission averages are not available, but admission average trends reflecting the last three admission cycles are listed below. We encourage students to treat these averages as a benchmark to gauge their potential eligibility for admission. However, they do not serve as a guarantee for future admission.

We also encourage students to select a second choice program on their application for admission that has a lower historical competitive average range to increase their chances of receiving an offer of admission. Our Student Service Centre is here to help find the best option for each student's academic journey. 

Every applicant and enrolment cycle is unique, which is why we assess applications on an ongoing basis. It creates an opportunity to adjust what is considered 'a competitive application' throughout the admissions period (October 1 - August 31) based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The number of qualified applicants to a particular program.
  • The averages presented by applicants that year.
  • Program capacity.

To be considered for admission, applicants need to:

  • Have the required courses for their program.
  • Meet the minimum requirements for their program.
  • Fill out a complete application for admission with application fee.
  • Applicants who are not accepted into their first-choice program will be assessed for their second-choice program if listed.

Minimum Requirements

Admission is competitive; meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Students who receive an offer of admission must meet the minimum requirements in all subjects, even after receiving an admission offer, and all conditions stated in the admission offer letter in order to remain admissible.

Admission Average Ranges: Three-Year Trend

The following admission average ranges reflect the past three admission cycles. Admission is competitive. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission. 

The University of Alberta strives to recruit First Nations, Métis and Inuit learners and has equity averages to improve access to education for prospective First Nations, Métis and Inuit applicants. Contact our Indigenous Recruitment Team at to learn more.



Average Ranges

Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences Low to mid 70s
Arts Low to mid 70s

Bachelor of Arts Criminology

Bachelor of Arts (Drama) / Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education Combined

Bachelor of Arts Honors

Bachelor of Arts Planning

Mid 80s to low 90s
Augustana Low to mid 70s
Business Low 80s
Campus Saint Jean Low to mid 70s
Education Elementary High 70s to low 80s
Secondary (Art, Drama, Music) High 70s to mid 80s
Secondary (Others) Mid 70s to mid 90s
Engineering Low to mid 80s
Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation

Bachelor of Kinesiology

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Low to high 80s
Bachelor of Kinesiology / Bachelor of Education Combined Low to mid 90s
Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport & Tourism High 70s to low 80s
Native Studies Low 80s
Nursing Mid 80s to low 90s
Science Mid 80s to low 90s

Competitive GPAs for Professional Programs

These programs require pre-professional (university-level) study.


Competitive Requirements (previous year)

Law (JD)

Average GPA: 3.8

Average LSAT Score: 161

Medicine (MD)

Minimum competitive GPA to apply: 3.30

Competitive mean MCAT score: 128

Medical Laboratory Science

Minimum GPA to apply: 2.7

Competitive GPA: 3.0

Dentistry (DDS)

Minimum GPA to apply: 3.0

Competitive GPA: 3.85

Average DAT Score: 68 out of 90 (including Reading & Comprehension, Perceptual Ability and Manual Dexterity)

Dental Hygiene

Minimum GPA to apply: 2.7

Competitive GPA: 3.43


Minimum GPA to apply: 2.7

Competitive GPA: 3.0

Radiation Therapy

Average GPA: 3.2

Per-MMI GPA: 3.4

Pharmacy (PharmD) Average GPA: 3.5 for Alberta Applicants and 3.7 for Out-of-Province Applicants