Tips for Major International Scholarships

Your Leadership Summary is an opportunity for you to write in your own words your leadership attributes and accomplishments.

Tips for writing your Leadership Summary:

  • Provide examples of your leadership achievements
  • Explain how you have motivated and inspired others
  • Describe the depth of your involvement in leadership activities
  • Explain how your leadership efforts have made a positive impact in an organization, your school or community
  • Demonstrate your progression within leadership positions

Tips for choosing a reference:

  • Select a reference who can be objective; try not to use family members if possible
  • Choose someone who has directly worked with you or supervised you in your academic and leadership role(s)
  • Choose someone who can give specific examples and has first-hand knowledge of your academic and leadership experience and abilities
  • Ensure your reference can speak to:
    • your ability to think critically and independently
    • the clarity of your writing
    • your overall intellectual ability
    • the quality of your work habits and discipline
    • your motivation, initiative, and work ethic
    • your engagement in student life
    • your leadership in student government, student clubs/groups, and your community
    • your potential for future leadership and growth

Your reference will only be contacted if further information to support assessment of your application is required. It is your responsibility to ensure your reference is aware that they may be contacted to verify activities you have listed in your application.