Program Discovery Week December 5-8

Want to learn more about the various program and faculty options available to you at the University of Alberta? Check out our Program Discovery Week and pave your path into post-secondary!

Whether you want more information on your top program choice, or you’re exploring multiple program options, there’s something for everyone in our packed schedule of events. These curated virtual events will be interactive and include guest speakers and alumni!

Monday, December 5

Study Nursing, Make a Difference

U of A Faculty of Nursing program ranks #1 in Canada! This presentation will provide you with an overview of our Nursing programs, admissions and CASPer requirements, and why you should choose Nursing at the U of A!

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Customize Your STEM Degree

When you study science at the U of A there are infinite ways to customize your degree as you discover your purpose. From flexible degrees to internships to study abroad, find out how your studies will go way beyond the classroom.

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Invest in a Business-Focused Degree

Did you know there are numerous ways to incorporate business skills into your degree? From Business minors to full degrees, explore options across different U of A faculties and campuses to satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit! (Note: Although featured, this is not a presentation on the Bachelor of Commerce)

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Tuesday, December 6

Meet the Teacher

Secondary or Elementary? Which major? What is field experience? Join Staff & Alumni of the Faculty of Education to find out how to navigate your degree and what the future with a Bachelor of Education has to offer.

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Design Your Degree with Interdisciplinary and Undeclared Majors (Augustana)

The demands of our world are changing, why shouldn’t your education? Learn more about Augustana’s interdisciplinary and undeclared majors that give you the ability to customise your degree, explore your interests, and learn the skills needed to excel in the workplace, graduate school, or professional programs.

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Anatomy of Health Sciences

Are you intrigued by the human body and mind? Health Sciences continues to be a popular subject area and the U of A has no shortage of options. Explore programs across different faculties and campuses that span nutrition, anatomy, medical sciences, physical movement and much more!

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A bilingual degree, what's in it for me? / Un diplôme bilingue, qu'est-ce que ça m'apporte?

Come find out more about the numerous benefits of graduating with a bilingual degree from the University of Alberta through Campus Saint-Jean. Learn about the programs offered, scholarships, career opportunities, and more! Our friendly advisors will be available to answer your questions.

Venez découvrir les nombreux avantages d'obtenir un diplôme bilingue de l'Université de l'Alberta par le biais du Campus Saint-Jean. Découvrez les programmes offerts, les bourses, les opportunités de carrière et plus encore ! Notre aimable équipe de conseillers sera disponible pour répondre à vos questions.

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Wednesday, December 7

BARST: A Unique Degree in Sport, Business & Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport and Tourism is a multidisciplinary degree that prepares students to be leaders in leisure with careers in some of the world’s fast-growing industries related to physical activity.

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What can you do with an Arts Degree?

Join us and learn about the endless opportunities and experiences you can have while you study in the Faculty of Arts. Discover all of the amazing career opportunities that Arts graduates have, that will surely shift the conversation from "what can you do?" to "what CAN'T you do!"

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Drive Change, Study Earth

Are you concerned about the impact of humans on the environment or have a desire to better plan communities? Perhaps fossils or the Earth’s history excite you? With more attention on the Earth than ever before, join our community of professors and students working towards a better earth and discover how programs in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences align with your passion!

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Thursday, December 8

Engineering Discipline Night

Did you know there are over 16 discipline choices to study after a general first year in Engineering? Explore the many options and discover your preferred subject area!

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Define your Career Path from Business Student to Business Professional

Work Integrated Learning gives Bachelor of Commerce students the opportunity to develop employable skills through a variety of avenues such as the Cooperative Education Program and Experiential Learning. Join us to discover how you can become equipped with the tools for a successful career in Business!

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Tea & Bannock with the Faculty of Native Studies

The Faculty of Native studies is a close-knit community of students, professors, and staff, who connect throughout the year over tea and bannock. Join us to meet with current students, staff and faculty and discover how the Faculty of Native Studies can offer you a life-altering experience, where you will make friends in a vibrant community, led by a strong and active student body and impressive alumni who have become contemporary leaders in a wide array of professional fields.

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