Course Listings

Course descriptions are available through the following links:

Registration information and timelines

Due to the limited space in ART, DES and HADVC classes, students will have different registration dates based on their program and, in some cases, year of program. Please see info below.

BFA and BDes students

  • Online registration for ART and DES classes available between late March and April 30
  • Watch for emails in early March explaining registration procedures

HADVC honors students

  • consult the HADVC honors advisor in March to determine your courses, then register yourself right away on your enrollment date. Email the Undergraduate Advisor to request registration help with any classes that are full.

Art & Design and HADVC majors and minors

  • Watch for emails in early March explaining registration procedures.

Students in all other programs

  • All other students may contact after September 1 to request manual registration in ART and DES classes for which they have the prerequisites; registration is contingent upon available space