Registration: BDes and BFA Students

Spring and Summer Classes

ART, DES and HADVC Spring and Summer classes are open to online registration for all continuing degree students. Registration for Spring and Summer classes is available in February, usually at some point in the week prior to Reading Week. You will get a notification from the Faculty of Arts in advance. Since these courses are open to online registration we don't keep waiting lists; if the class you want is full, please put the class you want on your watchlist.

However, if you have transfer credit for the prerequisite classes, the registration system will not recognize this, and you will need help with registration. If this is your situation please contact advisors ( in late January.

Fall and Winter Term Registration Procedures

The Undergraduate Advisor will email all continuing BFA and BDES students when it is time to start preparing for advance registration. This will generally occur in early March. Please read the email carefully as it will contain additional information.

  1. Program Checklist
    If you can't find your copy from your first year, you can prepare a new one by downloading a blank program checklist from this website from the page for your degree, and comparing that with your transcript (downloadable through your Bear Tracks account). You can also consult your academic advisement report in your Bear Tracks account.
  2. Prepare for registration
    • Assess your program checklist to determine which courses you need for fall/winter.
    • Remember, you need a minimum of *24 course weights (i.e. 4 courses in fall and 4 courses in winter) if you are a continuing student, unless you have already talked to Art & Design advisors about a reduced course load. Use your 'Schedule Builder' feature on your Bear Tracks to plan your time table.
    • If this is your final year and you do not have *24 to complete, you would only take the remaining courses you need even if they total fewer than *24.
  3. Register yourself!
    You will be able to register yourself in your courses online starting on your enrolment date. This date will be available in your Bear Tracks account. Remember! Your schedule builder is just a tool for you to visualize your courses; you must actually enroll yourself in your selected courses on or after your enrolment date.

You must complete your ART and DES registration by April 30th. After this date, the registration system will be closed to BFA and BDES students for all studio classes. If you wish to make changes after April 30th, you will no longer have priority for the classes and/or sections of the courses you need for your program.

Please note: Students are required to have a minimum grade of B- (2.7) averaged between the relevant prerequisite courses in order to proceed to the next level.


  • You need at least 2.7 averaged between ART 136 and DES 138 or ART 137 and DES 139 to proceed to all other studios.
  • You need at least 2.7 averaged between DES 393 and DES 394 to proceed to 400-level VCD courses.
  • You need at least 2.7 in ART 422 to proceed to ART 522.