Student Resources and Opportunities

The University of Alberta offers a vast array of student services, supports, and opportunities, so please investigate the Campus Life page for more information on student housing, mental and physical health services, and much more.

Learn more about important resources for Art & Design Students:

Strategies for Success

No matter what level of success you achieved in High School, the transition to University is likely to have a few bumps. Here are some of the most critical strategies you will need to get the most out of your program.

  • Time management: Whether you are working to make the best use of each three-hour studio class period, or how to schedule work on your ART H papers over the term, time management is critical.
  • Leave extra time for failure: On the technical side, your printer will inevitably run out of ink; your paint won't dry; the computer will freeze; the saw will break. If you always plan to finish a little early, you can cope with these challenges. On the creative side, we must embrace failure in our art, design and writing projects as a necessary and inevitable part of the creative research process. We encourage you to learn from these moments, rather than collapse!
  • Communicate with your instructors and advisors: If you something in your life is impacting your performance in your courses, we strongly encourage you to talk with your instructors/advisor. It's much better if we can work together when a problem begins rather than waiting until it becomes insurmountable. If you are having trouble with class material, and have done your best to understand on your own, please talk to your instructor.
  • Study skills: Each student has to develop the study skills that serve them best. It is possible that what worked for you in high school or in a different program may not work here-remember that we have people here to help! Visit the Academic Success Centre.

Art & Design Student Groups

We strongly recommend that you get involved with one or both of the Art & Design student groups as early as possible in your degree. This is a great way to forge connections with colleagues in other studio areas and years of our programs, and gain organizational, exhibition and leadership experience.

  • Student Design Association (SDA)
    The Student Design Association represents current undergraduate students and alumni of the University of Alberta, who have taken design courses during their degree.
  • Visual Arts Student Association (VASA)
    VASA, The Visual Arts Student Association, is a student group at the University of Alberta managed and run by students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program.

Art & Design Libraries and Collections

  • Rutherford Library has one of the best Art & Design collections in Canada. Although the internet offers endless research opportunities, getting lost in the stacks of Art, Design, history and theory texts is invaluable as well. Plan to visit Learn more about our Art & Design collections.
  • Bruce Peel Special Collections & Archives "house a world class collection of more than 100,000 rare books and a significant collection of archival materials which explore a range of local and international subjects." This is a great place to view artist's books and special exhibitions. Visit the Bruce Peel Special Collections.
  • There are 29 different museums and collections on campus. Visit the University of Alberta Museums.

Edmonton Art & Design Community

Edmonton's wide array of Art, Design and Visual Culture galleries, artist-run centres, collectives and initiatives make this a great city for Art, Design and Visual Culture students:

Art Store

The Art Store supports the academic mandate of the Department of Art & Design by providing students with necessary supplies, at the best possible prices, for the fulfillment of studio courses. The Art Store is restricted to current students and staff of the Department of Art & Design, Art Education, and Theatre Design.


Art Store hours are changing as of June 1, 2019:


8:30am to 12:00pm
1:00pm to 3:00pm


8:30am to 12:00pm


12:00pm to 3:00pm


8:30am to 12:00pm
1:00pm to 3:00pm

Fridays, weekends and holidays


Hours are subject to change and posted a week in advance.


Please note prices and stock are subject to change without notice. Current GST is added at time of purchase. Payment accepted: Cash (Cdn), Cheque (NSF $20), Visa, MasterCard, Debit. Visit the online Art Store catalogue.


Art & Design Fundamentals Supply Kits

Kits available to students enrolled in ART 134, ART 136, DES 135 and DES 138. Full and partial kits are available during start of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter terms. Purchase a full kit in your first semester and a partial kit in your second semester.

ART 134 Supply Kits

  • ART 134 Supply Kit (Full): Catalogue No. B888
  • ART 134 Supply Kit (Partial): Catalogue No. B892

DES 135 Supply Kits

  • DES 135/138 Supply Kit (Full): Catalogue No. B777
  • DES 135/138 Supply Kit (Partial): Catalogue No. B891

ART 136 and DES 138 BFA/BDES Supply Kits

Kits are available at the start of Fall session only.

  • ART 136 Supply Kit (Full): Catalogue No. B889
  • ART 136 Supply Kit (Partial): Catalogue No. B890
  • DES 138 Supply Kit: same as DES 135, see Catalogue Nos. B777 and B891

The Art Store staff is requested to direct any inquiries, complaints, or other concerns regarding the preceding policies (or other Art Store practices) to the attention of the Assistant Chair, Administration, Department of Art & Design.