December 14, 2021 U of A Bargaining Update

Updates from AASUA and NASA bargaining.

14 December 2021


On November 25, 2021, the University of Alberta attempted to bring resolution to the current round of collective bargaining, which began with an exchange of proposals in 2020, by tabling a settlement offer for AASUA’s consideration. Fundamentally, the offer provided for a renewal collective agreement expiring in 2024 with no reduction in salary or benefits for anyone currently employed and the withdrawal of all other proposals otherwise in dispute.  AASUA rejected the university’s settlement offer. The two parties are currently setting additional bargaining dates in the new year.

On November 26, the university provided a web posting update to the collective bargaining process, as has been its regular practice since bargaining commenced, which included a link to the settlement offer. On November 28, AASUA complained to the Alberta Labour Relations Board that the web posting was unlawful. The university rejects AASUA's statement that the action was unlawful, and looks forward to a resolution of the complaint through the normal processes of the Labour Board.

The parties continue to negotiate an Essential Services Agreement which is a precondition to AASUA calling a strike under the Labour Relations Code.  Also last week, the university accepted AASUA’s invitation to begin negotiating a Work Stoppage Protocol agreement.


The parties last met on October 25 and again on November 29.  Discussions continue to be collegial and collaborative.  The parties have agreed to schedule more dates in the new year.