South Campus

In the 1920s, the Board of Governors agreed to purchase 379 acres of land, approximately a mile and one-half south of the Main Campus (now known as the North Campus). This area, now known as South Campus, runs from 60 Avenue north to Fox Drive and from 122 Street east to approximately 115 Street. The South Campus also includes lands known as the West 240, purchased in the 1930s and located south of 62 Avenue to 52 Avenue and east of 122 Street to the edge of the Whitemud Creek Ravine.

South Campus is the location for some of the best agricultural research and teaching facilities in North America for animal metabolism, crops, dairy, poultry and swine, in addition to Agri-Food Discovery Place. South Campus is also home to the Medical Isotope and Cyclotron Facility as well as two world-class athletic facilities, Foote Field and the Saville Community Sports Centre.

Map of South Campus