CILLDI is the Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute. Pronounced 'sill-dee', the Institute hosts an annual summer school held at the University of Alberta, and is dedicated to the revitalization of Canada's Indigenous languages through documentation, teaching, and literacy.

CILLDI has been in operation since 2000. Throughout this time, it has provided practical training to students, training which has been directly implemented back in the community. It is a tri-Faculty initiative at the University of Alberta, involving the Faculties of Arts, Education, and Native Studies.

CILLDI strives to be multicultural, cross-linguistic, interdisciplinary, inter-regional, inter-generational, and responsive to different sociolinguistic situations in language communities under threat. Our purpose is to support individuals at the community level by providing basic training in linguistics, native languages, second language teaching, and other aspects of professional enhancement such as language-related research and policy making.

We supply tools to Indigenous language activists so that they can better promote, protect, practice, and pass on their language. This includes a unique opportunity: students can earn university credits while learning about selected Indigenous languages and cultures in Canada. We are very pleased to have so many returning students each year.

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