Funding Opportunities


There are various funding sources available to help students attend the CILLDI Summer School.

We strongly encourage you to contact your band's Educational Office or your Treaty/Tribal office for financial assistance in the first instance. Many students will be eligible for funding within their own community or workplace.

However, for individuals who are ineligible for financial assistance because you are not affiliated with a band or settlement, because you live off reserve because you aren't registered in a full-time degree program, or because you have already received the maximum level of funding available through your band or settlement office, there are a few bursary programs for which you might be eligible.

CILLDI Bursary

Deadline: Sunday April 14, 2024

Each year, CILLDI allocates funding for a limited amount of bursaries to increase accessibility to the Summer school. In 2024, the BHP Foundation generously assists CILLDI in sponsoring bursaries to support individuals interested in pursuing courses at CILLDI.

 The 2024 CILLDI bursary will cover the University of Alberta Open Studies tuition and fees for any two CILLDI courses, as well as $450 of accommodation per in-person course taken. CILLDI Bursary applicants must complete the application form and submit it by the deadline. Applying before the deadline guarantees equal consideration for funding through the CILLDI bursary.

Note: if you apply for the bursary after the deadline, you will be put on a waitlist that follows a first come first serve basis.

Please apply through the form below!

Online forms must be completed in one sitting! It will not save your work!

If you have troubles applying online, email the CILLDI at to request a paper application.

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