DRAGONS Lab (Documentation, Revitalization And Generation Of New Speakers).

DRAGONS lab is the research branch of CILLDI, building off of our history of engaging with communities in Canada and beyond. We are focused on researching the methods by which we can remove barriers for community members' participation in the documentation and revitalization process. Currently, we are creating new technologies and language planning strategies to support communities and individuals.

Our research findings are used to improve the methods for documenting, revitalizing, and promoting indigenous languages. The outcomes of our research are also used to improve the training provided through CILLDI courses and to advance the work with our community partners.

DRAGONS Lab Ethos 

  • Make it easier to do the work
  • Make it fun to do the work
  • Put the community at the forefront of every collaboration

Publications and Presentations


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Flavelle, D., & Lachler, J. (2023, May). Strengthening Relationships Between Indigenous Communities, Documentary Linguists, and Computational Linguists in the Era of NLP-Assisted Language Revitalization. In Proceedings of the First Workshop on Cross-Cultural Considerations in NLP (C3NLP) (pp. 25-34).


An Evidence-Based Approach to Training for Language Revitalization-LCC Colloquium Talk Fall 2023