Volunteer Summer Program Assistants

The CILLDI volunteer program assistant initiative began in the summer of 2012. Our VeSPA positions are flexible with room for creativity and personal initiative.

CILLDI VeSPAs are assigned to a summer school class in one or two blocks and are invited to join us at any additional social events they are available to participate in.

VeSPA responsibilities may include:

  • Assisting students (with work, questions, etc) and providing administrative support to instructors
  • Helping with the organization of social events
  • Being a U of A campus ambassador: showing students from out of town where to find classes, places to eat, residences, and administration buildings
  • Contributing to record-keeping projects (we may ask you to take photos or video)

We welcome applicants with a wide variety of skills. While a background in Linguistics, Education, Native Studies, or Anthropology is not necessary to succeed as part of CILLDI, a commitment to the preservation of linguistic diversity is. With this in mind, we appreciate applicants from all academic backgrounds and all levels of education.

To apply, please complete the Volunteer Program Assistant Application Form online or fill out the paper application [Download here] and send it to us at cilldi@ualberta.ca.

2016 Volunteers


"CILLDI provides valuable experience and networking opportunities for those interested in linguistics, technology and language, and language policy. CILLDI program assistants work with and learn from speakers of Indigenous languages from various language families across Canada and professional linguists on the front lines of language documentation and revitalization." - Ashleigh, 2016-2020 CILLDI VPA