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CILLDI is the Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute. We are dedicated to the revitalization of Canada’s Indigenous languages through documentation, teaching, and literacy.


CILLDI 2006 Outdoor meal
Indigenous Language Learning

CILLDI offer classes to help Indigenous learners start or continue their language journey

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CILLDI in Alexis First Nation
Language Teacher Training

We offer courses designed for Indigenous language teachers for university credits.

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CILLDI in Community

We partner with communities to support their work in language revitalization.

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"I'm really glad to see an Institute such as this one because for years I've been looking to improve myself in the area of language work and curriculum and so forth as it relates to Native languages. It has been difficult to find courses in Canada that offer this. I hope it grows into something bigger."

CILLDI 2016 Cohort

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