We are dedicated to a future where Indigenous languages are strong and vibrant in Canada and abroad. Because we know that small steps can have big impacts, we value the folks who are taking these steps and their dedication to their language. We work to support these individuals on their own journey in language activism.

Protect, Preserve, Promote, Practice and Pass on Your Language

 These five words (the ‘5Ps’) are concrete acts of language revitalization at the individual and community level. Since every situation is different, we encourage our students and community partners to pursue the ‘5Ps’ as they see fit. As an institute, CILLDI aims to be a resource for anyone embarking on the journey of language revitalization.

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Summer School

Our annual summer school provides training in Language Documentation and Revitalization directly to language champions.    

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CILLDI is committed to fostering learning year round! We provide open access learning materials and resources for anyone interested in learning about language revival.

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CILLDI has a long and ongoing history of partnering with communities on language projects. To see language revitalization in action, click here!

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As a Research Institute, CILLDI has access to the latest resources and best practices of Language Revitalization that we are excited to share with you!


"I'm really glad to see an Institute such as this one because for years I've been looking to improve myself in the area of language work and curriculum and so forth as it relates to Native languages. It has been difficult to find courses in Canada that offer this. I hope it grows into something bigger."

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