Tuition and Fees

CILLDI Summary of Costs

The following is a summary of potential costs to attend CILLDI. Please see the explanations of each item below for further details.

Online Student

Summary breakdown of online student expenses
Tuition for 2 classes $1,303.44
Reduced Student Fees $242.47
Total $1,545.91


In-Person Student

Summary breakdown of in-person student expenses
Tuition for 2 classes $1,303.44
Student Fees $483.42
Housing $1,470.00
Parking (optional) $129.60
Total $3,386.46


Tuition and Fees

The rates for Open Studies tuition and fees fare as follows but may be subject to change. Since Spring 2022 the tuition differential for International is waived for students wanting to take CILLDI courses, only domestic rates apply for CILLDI tuition.

Domestic student tuition
Online In-person
one course $894.19 $1,135.14
two courses $1,545.91 $1,786.86

Visit the Office of the Registrar's webpage for more information on the tuition breakdown and the non-instructional fees for on- and off-campus students.


We encourage you to seek funding to attend CILLDI. Learn more by visiting our Funding Opportunities page.