Tuition and Fees

The table below summarizes the tuition fees based on the format (online or in-person) and number of courses. These costs include Tuition and Non-instructional fees.

Online In-person
one course $936.34 $1,179.16
two courses $1,623.82 $1,866.64


Below is a breakdown with estimates of the various costs associated with online or in-person attendance

  • Tuition
    • 1 course = $687.48
    • 2 courses = $1,374.96
  •  Non-instructional fees
    • Online (off-campus) = $248.86
    • In-person (on campus) = $491.68
  •  Accommodation (estimate) = $900.00
    • CILLDI students are offered a preferential rate at Lister Residence - Schäffer Hall
  • Parking (estimate) = $137.00

The rates for Open Studies tuition and fees may be subject to change.


Visit the Office of the Registrar's webpage for more information on the tuition breakdown and the non-instructional fees for on- and off-campus students.

To get a Letter of Acceptance sumarizing your costs, please email us at

International Students

Through a special agreement with the University of Alberta, our international students pay the same low tuition rates that our Canadian students do. Students enter the University through the Open Studies program -- no previous University experience required!

How do I get funding?

CILLDI offers bursaries every summer school which cover the tuition and fees for any two CILLDI courses, and provide accommodation support for in-person students.

Funding Opportunities