Online Summer Program

2020 Summer Program

NOTICE: Due to concerns with COVID-19, we are are planning to move our courses online and will have updates available as soon as details are confirmed. We look forward to seeing you all again in-person in 2021.

Twenty-First Annual CILLDI Summer School

The University of Alberta is thrilled to present the 21st annual Summer School of the Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute in 2020. Learn an Indigenous language or gain expertise in the areas of linguistics, endangered language documentation and revitalization, language and literacy learning, second language teaching and curriculum development, and language policy and planning. This program provides a unique opportunity to earn university credit while learning about Indigenous languages and culture. Some CILLDI courses lead to a Community Linguist Certificate (CLC).

For information about the CILLDI Provost Bursary, go to the Funding Opportunities page. To learn about how you can volunteer for the Summer Program, see the Summer Internship page.

Location: Online

Course Offerings: Courses will be offered in either 3-week or 6-week online course formats. Students may register for a maximum of two courses (6 credits) from the courses listed below. Courses marked by CLC lead to the Community Linguist Certificate.


This schedule is tentative as of April 27, 2020 and may be subject to change.

Some classes may recommend that students be available at specific times to participate online. Others may have students work more independently. We suggest scheduling 3 to 4 hours of work per day for 3-week courses and 1 to 2 hours of work per day for 6-week courses. 

July 6-24 (3 weeks)

Introduction to Linguistic Analysis for Indigenous Language Revitalization (CLC)
LING 111 with Darin Flynn

Morphosyntax of Indigenous Languages (CLC)
LING 212 with Jordan Lachler

July 6-August 12 (6 weeks)

Introduction to Indigenous Literacy and Language Development
EDEL 306 with Belinda Daniels and Andrea Custer

Second Language Acquisition: Teaching Indigenous Languages in an Immersion Context
EDEL 461 with Norine Buffalo

Leadership in Language and Culture Education
EDEL 496/595 with Heather Blair (Guest Speaker: Linda Pelly)

July 27-August 12 (3 weeks)

Phonetics of Indigenous Languages (CLC)
LING 211 with Tim Mills

Sentence and Discourse Patterns of Indigenous Languages (CLC)
LING 213 with Jordan Lachler

Cree Immersion for Adult Beginners
NS 103 with Dorothy Thunder

Please contact us by email at to register!