We are pleased to announce a new Linguistics Special Topics course for 2019. This LING 311 course will take place in Block II (July 18 to 26, 2019). Please contact the CILLDI office to register.

LING 311 - Language development: linguistic foundations of language learning and teaching

Instructor: Dr. Andrea Wilhelm

Course Overview
The main task of language revitalization is to maintain and increase the number of speakers of an endangered language. Today, this often means intentional efforts to teach and learn the language, since natural language transmission in the home has been broken through residential schools and other forced assimilation measures. In this course, students will be empowered to plan effective language teaching/learning programs, by understanding what actually happens in language learning - how the language develops as people learn it. Using a developmental linguistic approach, we will look at various examples of language learning, including from Indigenous languages. We will look at the acquisition of sounds, words, grammar, and language in interaction (a.k.a. pragmatics), and will apply our observations to developing principles of effective language teaching and learning.

Course outcomes: Students will walk away from this course with a solid understanding of how language is learned. They will be able to document language learning from a linguistic perspective (sounds, words, grammar, pragmatics). They will be able to use the knowledge gained for effective language teaching, curriculum design, and language revitalization programming. 

This course complements and supports the following CILLDI courses: EDEL 461/595, EDEL 460/595, EDEL 462/595, EDEL 463/595, EDEL 496/595 LING 311, INT-D 311, by focusing on the linguistic aspects of language learning, or learner language.