How to Apply to the Summer School

**NOTICE: Due to concerns with COVID-19, we are are planning to move our courses online and will have updates available as soon as details are confirmed. We look forward to seeing you all again in-person in 2021**

If you attended the CILLDI Summer School in 2019 or are already a University of Alberta student, you do not need to apply for admission. You can simply register for courses by contacting the CILLDI office. Proceed to the How to Register page.

For new students or students who last took classes before Summer 2019, you must fill out and submit an Open Studies application form. Open Studies is a non-competitive application process that allows students to take up to 10 courses at the University of Alberta without entering a degree/certificate program. The deadline for receiving applications is Friday, June 26, 2020. However, we strongly encourage students to apply by Friday, June 12 to 2-3 weeks for processing and course enrollment before class starts.

Applications can be submitted to the CILLDI office by email (as an attachment to or fax (780-492-0806). After you submit your application to our office, we will confirm receipt and review your application before payment of the non-refundable application processing fee. We will also provide further instruction to submit the Open Studies application with secure credit card payment using of the Registrar's Office secure online submission process.

Once your application has been processed (typically 2-3 weeks) and you have been admitted, you will receive a letter of acceptance with a CCID and student ID number. This number is very important and will stay with you throughout your coursework with CILLDI or if you pursue a degree or diploma program at a later date. This ID number will also allow you to register in CILLDI Summer School courses on Bear Tracks (the University's registration website). Proceed to the How to Register page.

Application Fee
There is a non-refundable application fee for applying to Open Studies. Fees must be paid by credit card. The amount you owe depends on whether or not you have attended the University of Alberta in the past:

$125 - New student
$75 - Returning student (previously taken courses at the U of A, before Summer 2019)

Note: Your application cannot be processed until this application fee has been paid and a $500 tuition deposit will be due for any new applicants once you are offered admission.

CILLDI office mailing address:
4-32 Assiniboia Hall
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2E7

One note of caution: If you have attended the University of Alberta in the past as an Open Studies student (either in the CILLDI Summer School or not) and have completed 10 courses (30 credits), you will not be eligible to enroll for any more for-credit courses unless you are in a degree program or a certificate program (such as the Community Linguist Certificate). You can register on an audit-only basis, but you will not get university credit for these courses. Please contact us if you are in this situation.