Career Peer Educators (CPE)

We are currently recruiting Career Peer Educators for the 2021/22 academic year.

Apply by March 19, 2021
Go to campusBRIDGE to view the job posting and to apply.

  1. Select the Student & Alumni Job Board
  2. The job ID is 15956.

The Career Peer Educator (CPE) program has been an integral part of U of A career services for more than 30 years. Although changes to a CPE's role have occurred over the years, this program remains essential to the Career Centre and the services we provide.

Each year, the Career Centre hires over 15 student staff to act as CPEs. Undergraduate and graduate students from any faculty, program, and year of study are welcome to apply. Our CPEs typically work between 9 to 20 hours each week during the academic year, providing a broad range of career-related services to students.

Roles of a CPE

  • Provide customer service at the Career Centres three U of A locations.
  • Conduct advising appointments related to career management and work search strategies; resumes and cover letters; and interview strategies.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations and seminars to a wide variety of audiences about career-related topics.
  • Participate in hosting employer information sessions, speaker series, career fairs and other events.
  • Support the work of the Career Centre as a whole (e.g. research, resource development, special projects).

Benefits of being a CPE

  • Building critical transferable skills like advising, presentation, research, customer service, time management, organization, and critical thinking skills
  • One week of training at the start and ongoing on-the-job training, support and professional development opportunities
  • Supporting peers as they build career management skills.
  • An inside look at how employers recruit.
  • The opportunity to be part of a fun, diverse, and dynamic team.
  • Personal access to the Career Centre's many useful services and resources.

Learn what it's like to be a CPE

Learn what it's like to be a CPE