Job Shadow Program

Upcoming Job Shadow Programs

This program is currently suspended to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. As an alternative Career Exploration Interviews (CEI) will offer virtual career exploration opportunities. To be kept informed of when the job shadow program returns, please fill out this form.

The U of A Job Shadow Program matches students, postdoctoral fellows and alumni with community-based professionals for a 1-day workplace visit. Job shadowing is an excellent way to explore career options in a short period of time where you can accompany, observe, and interview professionals in their workplaces. Job shadow participants will:

  • make connections,
  • learn about the day-to-day realities of a career, and
  • gain valuable advice and insight.


Undergraduate and graduate students (including students from the Faculty of Extension), postdoctoral fellows, and alumni (all known as “Participants”) are all encouraged to apply.

Job shadow experiences are voluntary (unpaid) and are not tied to an academic program. We cannot guarantee that every applicant will be matched with a host.

If you require accommodations such as accessing the list of hosts, help reading the form, or completing the required questions, please contact us at or call 780-492-4291. 

Information for participants

Successfully matched participants pay a $25 administrative fee to the Career Centre and are expected to cover their own incidental costs such as parking, lunch, etc.

After being accepted into the program, participants are expected to:

  • Attend a mandatory workshop
  • Contact your host prior to the shadow to discuss potential activities and other details like location, hours, parking, attire, etc.
Insurance coverage
Job shadowing is not tied to participants' core academic programming so the University of Alberta is not responsible in the event of personal injury or loss, accidents or other occurrences during a job shadow. Individuals are responsible for their own actions.
Time commitment

When picking your top three hosts, applicants must ensure they are available on the days each host indicates. Work hours are typically during the day, however, some hosts work shift work or evening hours.

Any contact that continues beyond formal job shadowing weeks is at the sole discretion of hosts and participants.


Being a job shadow host can be a rewarding experience as it allows you to:

  • develop your personal leadership skills,
  • gain supervisory experience, and self-confidence, and
  • provide new professionals with the support you had (or wish you had) when you first started working.

Individuals working in Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Leduc and Camrose are encouraged to sign up as a host. We cannot guarantee that every host will be matched.

To express your interest as a host, contact us at

Information for hosts

There are no direct costs to hosts for participating. Indirect costs to hosts include the time spent preparing for and conducting the job shadow.

As a host, you will be provided with a detailed guidebook prior to the job shadow. Your key responsibilities include:

  • sharing expectations with participant(s),
  • planning meaning activities, and
  • providing a safe learning environment.
Time commitment

Hosts will spend an hour or two planning activities and preparing an itinerary for the day(s) they are hosting.

Any contact that continues beyond formal job shadowing weeks is at the sole discretion of hosts and participants.