Job Shadow Program

Connect with professionals to learn from their career stories.

The Job Shadow Program matches you with a professional to learn about the day to day realities of a career, gain valuable advice, and explore your career options.The program is currently offered as an in-person workplace visit.

Job shadowing is an opportunity to:

  • Learn about potential career options and ways to apply education, training and/or experience;
  • Test a career option before making a commitment to pursue it;
  • Clarify work-related preferences and interests (e.g., work environment, sector, tasks);
  • Develop knowledge of the industry, occupation or field as well as the specific vocabulary within that field;
  • Make useful connections with professionals;
  • Increase confidence in the work search process.
  • Gain exposure to the Canadian workplace.

Job shadowing is voluntary, unpaid, and extracurricular. We cannot guarantee that every applicant and host will be matched.

Program Dates

  • Fall Semester: November 14 - 17, 2023
  • Winter Semester: February 20 - 23, 2024

Information for hosts

Being a job shadow host can be a rewarding experience to develop your personal leadership skills and provide new professionals with the support you had (or wish you had) when you first started working.

In-Person Job Shadowing

Host Registration: Opens mid-October

Individuals working in the greater Edmonton area and Camrose can sign up as a host. If you are hosting for 1 day, the time commitment is typically between 8 to 10 hours, including registration and preparation. As a host, you will select the day(s) and times for the workplace visit, between February 20 and 23.

As a host, you will welcome 1 or multiple participants into your workplace. Hosts are expected to share their experiences, provide a safe, respectful environment, and plan and facilitate activities to help participants apply their skills and knowledge. 

Any contact that continues beyond the Job Shadow Program is at the discretion of the hosts and participants.

There are no direct costs associated with hosts' participation.

Our host guidebook outlines more details about being a host.

Host registration for the Fall 2023 is closed. We look forward to your participation in Winter 2024!

Information for participants

Undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and U of A alums are encouraged to apply to participate in the Job Shadow Program. 

Apply Now

Review the list of hosts to determine who you are interested in shadowing. When ranking your top 3 hosts, please ensure you are available on the dates and/or times each host indicates. Host profiles are available for review on the application form. Submit an application by the deadline to be matched with a host.

The full program time commitment will be dependent on the amount of days you are job shadowing. Training and preparations for the job shadow will take a few hours.

Participants are expected to complete mandatory training and contact their host before the shadow to arrange details with their host.  

Job shadowing is not tied to participants' core academic programming so the University of Alberta is not responsible in the event of personal injury or loss, accidents or other occurrences during a job shadow. Individuals are responsible for their own actions.

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