Guide to Building an Online Profile

Your online presence is made up of your personally-identifying content and information on the internet. This may include profiles and posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, personal websites, Tumblr, blogs, and more.

Your online presence can positively or negatively impact your work search process. By intentionally managing your online presence, you can:

  • showcase your achievements, skills and experiences to potential employers,
  • develop your reputation and increase your access to new opportunities,
  • gain connections with professionals in your field(s) of interest, and mitigate any potentially negative information outside your control (e.g. images, comments)

Google yourself

What results would turn up if someone googled your name or email address? Google yourself and look at the results as if you were a potential employer.

Tips for managing your online reputation

  • Differentiate between your personal and professional profiles/brands. In some fields and for some individuals, there is no separation between personal and professional profiles.
  • Lockdown any information you wouldn't want a potential employer to view (e.g. Facebook updates).
  • Make sure your professional profile is visible and accessible, according to your professional goals. If you want employers to be able to find you online, can they?
  • Take time to intentionally manage your online presence on an ongoing basis.

Build your profile

In most fields, it is important to have a professional online presence.

Tips for increasing your online presence

  • Create a polished LinkedIn profile.
  • Use a professional photo and email address for career-related activities.
  • Contribute to your field and demonstrate expertise by writing blog posts, tweeting at events, creating informative Youtube videos, and contributing thoughtfully in LinkedIn discussion groups.
  • Build a personal website using tools like Google Sites, Behance,, WordPress, Bloggr, Tumblr, and others.
  • Update your online profile(s) on a regular basis so that your information remains current.