Chancellor and Senate

Nomination of Chancellor

One of the powers of Senate, as outlined in the Post-Secondary Learning Act (2003), is to elect a Chancellor.  At the University of Alberta, a Chancellor is elected every four years.  We will be electing a new Chancellor in 2020.  

The 2016 nomination and election cycle information is offered below in guidance, however each cycle is different.  The timeline and nomination criteria for 2020 should be available in late 2019.

Former U of A Chancellors

Past U of A Chancellors


  • Nominees must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada[1].
  • Nominees should possess a deep and abiding interest in public education as well as a passion for and commitment to the University of Alberta as a public institution.
  • Nominees should possess:
    • effective leadership, governance and communication skills;
    • an ability to build relationships with diverse communities and organizations;
    • and the energy and flexibility to devote sufficient time to the considerable ambassadorial duties involved.
  • 2016 Chancellor Role Profile
  • 2016 Attributes of a Chancellor

[1] Post-Secondary Learning Act (2003), Sec 6