Chancellor and Senate

PSLA Duty of Senate

University of Alberta Chancellor

The Chancellor is the ceremonial, or titular, head of the University of Alberta. This role involves representing the University at ceremonial occasions, presiding over all degree-conferring ceremonies, conferring said degrees, and represent the public interest in the University. The Chancellor is also the chair of the University of Alberta Senate.


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Post-Secondary Learning Act, 2003

Senate of the University of Alberta

The Senate of the University of Alberta is an independent body of diverse community leaders and university representatives. It is valued for the role it plays in successfully examining, fostering, and celebrating the achievements and excellence of the University, resulting in an enhanced relationship with the community.

Senate conducts most of its work through its committees, undertakes Task Forces to inquire into any matter it sees fit, and is responsible for the U School program, which brings upper elementary and junior high school students from vulnerable backgrounds to campus for a week of educational programming.

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