University of Alberta Plasma Car Derby

GUBA racing a Plasma Car     Plasma Car Derby trophies

The 2020 University of Alberta Plasma Car Derby has gone VIRTUAL!


This year we invited teams to engage in a virtual Plasma Car Derby.  Teams, of up to four racers, filmed their members racing plasma cars over an 80 feet total track (the length of the Senate Chamber Foyer, there and back!).  The U School Team then compiled all the footage into this year's Derby:

Congratulations to Arts Parts, whose last minute surge secured them the Derby victory!!  Thank you to the three other amazing teams - Joel is the Goal, the Senate Speedsters, and UASU Ladies - for their participation and sportsmanship.  Without them, we would not have been able to have all this great fun!  Note: All participants were required to follow public health precautions, including wearing masks, staying in their cohorts, physically distancing, and sanitizing their hands before making contact with shared surfaces.

Fundraising is still open here and all funds go to support the University of Alberta United Way Campaign.

We also need your help to decide which team had the best costumes this year: