University of Alberta Honorary Degree Nominations

Nominations are welcome at any time, but must be submitted to the Office of the Chancellor and Senate no later than February 15 or October 15 to allow full consideration by the Senate Honorary Degrees Selection Committee.

Past Honorary Degree Recipients     Principles, Policies & Procedures

We require nominators to provide:

  1. Nominee's name in full
  2. Nominee's mailing addrees, email address, and telephone number
  3. Nominee's current position/occupation
  4. Significant achievements of Nominee (with a summary of the reasons why your Nominee should be considered for an Honorary Degree from the University of Alberta)
  5. Nominee's educational attainment (if the person has university degrees, please specify granting institution and year)
  6. Other Honorary Degrees received (if your Nominee has received an Honorary Degree from any other university, please name the university or universities and the dates of the award)
  7. Other special honors (other honors, awards or offices held, with dates)
  8. One written supporting statement from an informed and distinguished referee.
  9. The names and contact information of two additional referees who are familiar with the nominee's achievements and who support this nomination.

NOTE: Each nomination is normally kept before the Honorary Degrees Committee of Senate for two academic years, with the result that it will receive consideration for two Spring and two Fall Convocations once the nomination becomes active.

Ineligibility Policies

  1. Current members of the Board of Governors, the Senate, and the academic staff at the University of Alberta are not normally considered for Honorary Degrees.
  2. Current holders of elected office in Canada will not be considered for an honorary degree.
  3. Honorary Degrees are not granted posthumously or in absentia.

All information submitted on behalf of the Nominee will be kept confidential.

Official nomination forms must be used for all nominations and original signatures are required.

Nominations may be submitted in hard copy to the Senate Office or in digital copy to

Nominations are considered by the University of Alberta Senate Honorary Degree Selection Committee, which follows the Honorary Degrees Principles, Policies, and Procedures approved by Senate in May 2019.

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