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What is U School?

U School is a program run by the U of A Senate that began in 2009-2010. It is rooted in the belief that university should be accessible to all students as a place to grow and learn. The program has grown immensely, and 2022-2023 will be its biggest year yet, hosting 40 classes between September to May.

2022-23 U School Year End Report

What happens at U School?

Along with their teachers, students attend a week-long immersion experience on the University of Alberta campus. Using the Inquiring Minds model the week is organized by the U School Lead and is led by a U School Classroom Facilitator. The students’ schedule is built around their teacher’s application, which often focuses on a theme such as Science or ‘Reaching for the Stars”, the Alberta Curriculum, and the vast and varied opportunities available at the University of Alberta.

Butterdome Run

What about the cost and who can apply?

There is no cost for U School, but the program is limited to grades 3-9 classes that are in socially vulnerable areas within Edmonton, Indigenous (FNMI - First Nations, Métis & Inuit) schools in Edmonton and the surrounding area, and rural school surrounding Edmonton.

Who else makes the week-long experience a success?

Many hands make great work at U School! Along with the planning done by the U School lead and the work of the classroom facilitators, U School is supported by many varied and valuable volunteers. All of the sessions are offered by presenters who have a passion to share their discipline with the visiting students. There are also mentor volunteers who assist the students during their sessions, and volunteers who agree to be interviewed by the students.