Bring Your Class!

Are you a teacher? Do you teach students in grades 3-9? Are you at a school served by U School? If you answered yes, then you should apply to attend the program! U School is a year-long program and free to attend. We provide journals for every student, ETS tickets for city schools, bussing support for schools outside of Edmonton, pizza lunch on Fridays and all materials required.
Rock Climbing
The U School program lead will work with you to determine what areas of curriculum you would like to cover, what topics would resonate most with your students, and what theme we can weave into the programming for your class. We work with diverse classes of students and will do everything we can to design a week on campus that will be engaging and suited to your students.

Inquiring, Learning and Exploring!

The week-long experience is linked to Inquiring Minds learning- an innovative and informal approach to learning that began in Calgary in the 1990s. At U School, this model of learning sees teachers move their classes to campus for a week of hands-on, multi-sensory learning and meaningful curricular connections to the real world. Students participate in a variety of sessions and activities that are usually led by University of Alberta professors who volunteer their time to share their enthusiasm about their field of study. Classes explore the University campus on tour and through photography, try out some of our fitness facilities with trained instructors, and journal every day. Overall, students do what children do best- learn by doing!

Bernoulli's Principle

Interested? How to Apply:

First, complete the application. The teacher who will be attending the Site must complete the application; another individual or group may not complete it on the attending teacher’s behalf. If there are multiple teachers interested in coming from a single school, a separate application must be filled in for each teacher and class applying and each application must be unique. The deadline to submit an application can be found on the application page.

Final acceptance is based upon application quality. An outstanding application is one that demonstrates that the applying teacher is a committed, thoughtful educator who is curious and creative-and understands what U School is all about.

If you have questions or would like to verify your eligibility, email

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