Task Forces

The Senate strives to communicate the needs and views of Albertans to the University and the Alberta government and to interpret to the public the many different facets of the University. As one way of accomplishing this, a Task Force may be struck to investigate an issue brought to the Senate's attention.

A Task Force committee, comprised of Senate members, with additional individuals with special expertise, work to investigate a topic, prepare a report, and make recommendations to the Board of Governors, General Faculties Council, and Alberta's Minister of Advanced Education.

The Task Force report is presented first to Senate in draft form and widely distributed to various internal stakeholders within the University community. At the following Senate meeting, when revisions may have been made to the text as a result of additional discussions and consultations, the recommendations are adopted and the final report is then distributed among campus and available upon request to the Senate Office.

The Senate's Campus Inquiries and Initiatives Committee is responsible for the follow-up and feedback associated with the report. This committee also examines the recommendations realized and put into action by University groups, departments and faculties.

Past Senate Task Forces

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