Faculty Research Grants

Proposals for academic research projects by faculty members will be considered. These will be one-time only grants of up to $5,000. Multi-year funding will not be considered. There is no application form, please submit all required documents directly to the China Institute by the deadline indicated.

Proposals considered:

  • Research on areas that are specific to China-related studies
  • Projects with partner institutions in China
  • Projects that do not fall under the Joint Research Lab mandate
  • Priority will be given to those projects that are focused on contemporary China studies, Canada-China relations or that build sustainable links between the University of Alberta and China


Applications must include the following:

*Maximum up to 4 pages

  1. Summary of the research project, including research plan and expected outcomes
  2. Supporting statement from Department Chair or Dean
  3. Budget
  4. List of funding that will come from other sources. Priority will be given to those research projects where additional funding has been secured or requested


Terms of funding:

  1. Research projects must be set up through the Research Services Office by the grantee to receive funds
  2. A report of the project or related publication must be submitted to the China Institute
  3. It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain all required ethics approvals in advance for research involving human subjects and/or animals
  4. Grants must be used within the fiscal year in which they are approved
  5. Unused funds must be returned to the China Institute


Review Process:

  • All applications will be screened by the China Institute. A peer-review process will provide the China Institute with recommendations
  • The review process may take 8-10 weeks