2021 Mookie Award

07 May 2021

Field of Study: China (Open to Undergraduate Students in all Faculties)
Value: Approx. $4000.00
Number: One
Endowed by: The Estate of Brian Llewellyn Evans, PhD

Application deadline: 3:30 p.m. May, 14 2021

The Mookie Award is open to Undergraduate Students in any year and from any faculty/program who present satisfactory academic standing and can demonstrate interest in pursing the study of China including, but not limited to, its history, language, culture, politics, art, sciences, economy, or the Chinese diaspora. Studies may be pursued in Canada, China, or elsewhere. Selection is based on academic standing. Preference given to students who have completed at least three units of course weight in the study of China in the Faculty of Arts.

Application questions include:
1. A list of completed coursework in the study of China
2. An explanation of the applicants interest in the study of China
3. A description of the project (if applicable) and/or how the award will be used in the pursuit of the study of China
4. Expected benefits of receiving the award

Competitions run annually through the Faculty of Arts. Generally applications are open in the first 2 weeks of May. 
For more information about this award please contact, Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Student Services office, 1-17 Humanities Centre or email arts.undergrad@ualberta.ca.