Ethics and Safety

Ethical issues that might arise for students in normal CSL activities (such as confidentiality and safety) are addressed in the CSL Guidebook, through in-class instruction, and through training and orientation sessions provided by community partners. In fact, CSL is a very valuable opportunity to engage students in understanding and exploring ethical practice.

In some cases, community partners may design CSL activities that have students engaging in direct research with human subjects (for example, through interviews, surveys, or participant observation). In these cases, instructors are required to submit an ethics application to one of the Research Ethics Boards at the U of A. The CSL Program supports this process.

Note: The research component of a CSL course may be required by the instructor, or alternatively, generated by the needs of community partners. In either case, students may only engage in new research; any existing research projects with human subjects in which students participate must have undergone an ethics approval process that complies with University standards.