Partners in Education (PIE) Program


Partners in Education (PIE) aims to acknowledge the valuable contributions and learning opportunities community partners offer to CSL. PIE supports and enhances the capacity of individuals and organizations that contribute to CSL's curricular program each term. Available in the Fall and Winter terms, PIE provides space for individuals from non-profit partner organizations to be guest students in courses offered through UAlberta Extension.


  • Classes are considered an audit and are not for credit.
  • Admission into the course occurs after the Add/Drop deadline.

PIE Program Guidelines + Application Form

Deadlines to submit an application: August for Fall Term / December for Winter Term

For more information, please contact: Jill Flaman 

Testimonial by Shawna, PIE student:

"As an old person it gave me a personal opportunity to see from whence I came and my growing up in feminism. I appreciated seeing the heartbeat of the university; watching young people participate and witnessing where their attitudes and ideas are. It is an important opportunity to offer community agencies as it both provides agency members with knowledge of where students are coming from in particular programs, and allow gives them a better idea of what CSL students are learning in classes. It helps me to tailor their learning here to reflect what they are learning there. It's a little gift from the University but a big gesture in building relationships with the community. I enjoyed the instructor's insight, teaching, and pedagogical approach. I think it should continue, it was great, and I really appreciated the opportunity. I would like to also extend a big thanks to CSL for supporting me through regular and productive communication. I'd love to do it again."